Thursday, September 24, 2009

raspberry thankfulness

     our neighbors were out of town over the weekend so they gave us their "share" of produce from a co-op garden/farm to which they belong.
     in addition to great tomatoes (salsa!) we received some banana peppers and an adorable mini-eggplant.  he's just hanging around for decoration now because i don't have the heart to stab him.
     additionally, chloe and i had the opportunity to pick raspberries from the heavy-laden bushes.  the hour or so we spent together was one of those times you can't plan for, but once you realize the greatness of the moments, you are immediately grateful.  i was reminded once again what a good little worker our chloe girl is.  she's not afraid to get dirty, and she didn't complain even once about the prickly bushes.
     so thanks again to the neighbors for the food, but thanks more for the time and place to spend a good hour with my daughter.

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