Wednesday, September 23, 2009


at the other end of the rainbow...
6th grade book club
maniac magee
6 6th graders
40 minutes at the end of the day
and we get the school library all to ourselves
if we could just get an espresso bar, it would be perfect
read-aloud, critical thinking, group discussion
this is super
i love the give and take of a literature circle
i love recommending other books
i love helping students learn (or reaffirm) critical thinking skills
and at some point we will feast on Mars Bars- newly disguised as the Almond Snickers
and shortly after that we will sample some Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets
because you've got to bring the story to life
it must be relatable
and it should include food
and a lesson plan, state standards,and objectives
today some of our fantastic words were:
and suddenly all i can think of is
Rosa's New Pet/Puppy
she has pink curtains and a green couch
and is apparently an only child because there is an awfully small swingset in her yard with only one swing, and the illustrations show an immaculate home where the fresh flowers stay upright in their vases
good night
sleep tight
i'll be back when i untangle my brain

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