Tuesday, December 29, 2009

let's just be honest here

what have i really been up to?
blog lurking
blog commenting
a bit of envy
a bit of inspiration
some self-disclosure on a perfect stranger's blog (oops)
there's just something misleading about the intimacy of a blog, don't you think?
we see photos (mostly spectacular) taken of lovely people in exquisite surroundings eating and crafting wondrous quilts, skirts, aprons...
i like to do a bit of crafting myself, but my darn sewing machine nearly put out my eye a few weeks ago, and even my ever-frugal husband commented about the loudness of the motor/engine of that thing
i have:
1. about 6 sewing projects in various stages of completion
2. no fewer than 5 cookie/candy recipes dancing in my head like some deranged faerie
3. a son who wants me to play beatle's rockband with him
4. a car with a loose seal on the windshield
5. a netflix to watch
6. a Bible collecting dust on the bookshelf
7. speaking of bookshelf--i need about 2 more-floor to ceiling size, if possible--and black is a good color for our decor

why the heck am i wasting away my day lurking in blogland??

Monday, December 28, 2009

the very best dog

this dear fellow belongs to my brother josh and his wife kristi (sp.?)
dusty is the very best dog you could ever hope to meet
look at his smile
look at his floppy ears
he gives love
he is trustworthy
he is gentle
he is kind
he is a better person than many of us most days
thanks to dusty's mommy for sending me this photo
now she could just send me the dog. seriously. really.

we didn't have...

we didn't have stockings this year
our 'christmas mittens' made from felt--the size of stockings finally had to retire-too much lint and gunk on those critters. note to self: don't make large decorations from un-washable felt if you intend to have a dusty house and a hairy cat

we didn't have perfectly coordinated gift wrap

we didn't have our 'merry christmas' banner made from paper source polka-dot paper

we didn't have red/white baker's twine to adorn our packages (i put it away too well)

but here's what we DID HAVE

home-made hot cocoa (some with a splash of pepperminty goodness)
all four of us (+cat) safe and healthy
gainful employment
central heating
gas in our cars (both kinds) tee hee
gifts under the tree
relaxed time together
the awareness of and thankfulness for Christ--his birth, death, and resurrection--you can't fully appreciate Christmas without embracing Easter

Saturday, December 5, 2009

i'd do it 100 times

the other day one of our 4th grade teachers reminded me it had been a year since my "oral portfolio/e-folio defense" the "exit interview" as it were to get out of the education program @ iwu...and when i say get out of, i mean successfully complete the requirements so that they will allow you to take the praxis 2 and apply for an indiana state teaching license. anyhoo, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or maybe just a bit snarky towards the whole experience, and without thinking, i said something to the effect of being glad that was over, and would not do it again, but would go to beauty school instead. yikes. bad attitude.
as i continued down our school hallway i replayed the scenario in my mind (this is a moment by moment activity for me; anyday, all day)
can you spell conviction? shame? remorse?

i turned my tushy around and bolted for that teacher's room! and blurted:
what i really meant to say was that i am so committed to helping young children learn that i would endure the teacher education program 100 times over if it meant that i could make a difference in the education and well-being of a child.
that is what i really meant to say.
i. would. do. it. 100. times. yes. ma'am.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

kids can RUN!

just a teeny update on the click clack moo...

for fun and craziness, i asked the students to run about the room as they imagine the farmer ran --hands in air, hopping mad--or as M. put it--"like he popped his cork"

see, you just have to put yourself IN THE STORY...
and your students/children will build their comprehension...and love for learning...

(i have the stamp of approval on my MOO sounds. one of my students keeps cattle and says that i do a great MOO, very realistic)