Saturday, December 5, 2009

i'd do it 100 times

the other day one of our 4th grade teachers reminded me it had been a year since my "oral portfolio/e-folio defense" the "exit interview" as it were to get out of the education program @ iwu...and when i say get out of, i mean successfully complete the requirements so that they will allow you to take the praxis 2 and apply for an indiana state teaching license. anyhoo, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or maybe just a bit snarky towards the whole experience, and without thinking, i said something to the effect of being glad that was over, and would not do it again, but would go to beauty school instead. yikes. bad attitude.
as i continued down our school hallway i replayed the scenario in my mind (this is a moment by moment activity for me; anyday, all day)
can you spell conviction? shame? remorse?

i turned my tushy around and bolted for that teacher's room! and blurted:
what i really meant to say was that i am so committed to helping young children learn that i would endure the teacher education program 100 times over if it meant that i could make a difference in the education and well-being of a child.
that is what i really meant to say.
i. would. do. it. 100. times. yes. ma'am.

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Shane said...

Heck, I tell anyone who will listen that, if I had it to do over, I'd have stayed home and become a farmer. It's healthy to question where you've been. If you don't, it's my opinion that you probably don't appreciate where you are. It's in questioning where you've been that helps you get where you're going in one piece. This has been another episode of fragmented psychology with Uncle Shane :)
For what it's worth, I'm back in school to get a third degree in a third field of study.