Monday, December 28, 2009

we didn't have...

we didn't have stockings this year
our 'christmas mittens' made from felt--the size of stockings finally had to retire-too much lint and gunk on those critters. note to self: don't make large decorations from un-washable felt if you intend to have a dusty house and a hairy cat

we didn't have perfectly coordinated gift wrap

we didn't have our 'merry christmas' banner made from paper source polka-dot paper

we didn't have red/white baker's twine to adorn our packages (i put it away too well)

but here's what we DID HAVE

home-made hot cocoa (some with a splash of pepperminty goodness)
all four of us (+cat) safe and healthy
gainful employment
central heating
gas in our cars (both kinds) tee hee
gifts under the tree
relaxed time together
the awareness of and thankfulness for Christ--his birth, death, and resurrection--you can't fully appreciate Christmas without embracing Easter

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