Thursday, February 5, 2009

what i've read recently

short list of what i've read recently

you may like some, you may not

I Feel Bad About My Neck

by Nora Ephron

quick read, humor, nice diversion

When You Are Engulfed in Flames

by David Sedaris

laugh out loud, insightful, diversion from your actual life/troubles

The Willoughby's

by Lois Lowry

still reading, comments,connections back to other literary works, so you might want to be a well-read person, or be willing to read all the books to which it refers, then go back and re-read this...

i'm just saying..

creative snacking

In this bitterly cold season, I have been driven to create and bake warm, comforting treats. Here is a simple re-creation of cinnamon rolls from a can. Yes, sometimes it's ok to bake from a pre-made treat.

I used these lovely 'take out' containers from crate & barrel as my inspiration. Inspiration from a dish, isn't that common?

You will need:
2 baking dishes, mugs, etc.
1 can cinnamon roll dough ( i used pillsbury's cinnabon flavor)
bake somewhat according to package directions...except
layer half of dough in each of dishes
preheat oven to 350
place a pan of water on lowest rack in oven to create steam
bake your yummy goodies to perfection
great with a glass of milk
you will need a fork/spoon
and a nap

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More about Tinikling

more about Tinikling:

The dance represents a rice bird as it steps, with its long legs, from one rice paddy to another.

(info. taken from dynamic physical education by pangrazi and dauer 11th ed.)

you can certainly choose your own music which helps the students keep time/rhythm as they move, songs with 4/4 count will work best.

i learned something in p.e. yesterday

i am taking my final class before april 25 graduation!
it is a physical education/health, wellness course for elementary teachers. the accepted practice for p.e. these days seems to be an effort to disguise fitness,exercise, etc. by making it fun and interesting to students-i.e., no boring push-ups, sit-ups, but buddy high-five pushups, and other things of that nature.
have you ever tried to toss a bean bag (mini) and catch it behind your back? tricky. it requires thought, concentration, and at the same time increases muscle flexibility.
so, here's what i learned: you can create your own tools for the rhythmic activity of Tinikling, which originated in the Philippine Islands. I had seen my son's music teacher using this in (music) class, using traditional poles/sticks. Well! now you can make your own set, that are stretchy and non breakable. Additionally, all students are active participants in this version.
here's how it works:
you will need 24 feet of 1 in. wide elastic
needle/thread or sewing maching
cut elastic in half
fold up 12 inches on each end of elastic strip, stitch
repeat for other piece of elastic
you need at least 3 participants for this, 4 is great, and after that you just need more sets of elastic strips
2 children face each other about 6 feet apart
each child puts an elastic loop around ankle( 1 from each of the strips)
practice the rhythmic hop (2 hops feet togther, 2 hops feet apart)
1 or 2 children may be the dancers hopping in and out of the elastic bands