Friday, May 28, 2010

the last to know

apparently i am still living under a rock

just google nutella recipes

click on images

let's make life simple

nutella recipes

nutella is delicious over ice cream

drizzle nutella ganache over cake

sorry readers (reader?)
i apologize for the delay in posting my NUTELLA recipes...

1. you can pretty much use nutella anywhere you might use peanut butter, though i don't suggest you combine it with grape jelly. that just sounds nasty.

2. nutella ganache
purists may pooh-pooh this as cheating, but here it is...

1. fresh jar of nutella
2. heavy cream
3. 12 oz. bag finest chocolate chips you can afford, or not. really any choc. chips will suffice.
4. rigged-up double boiler (i use a stainless steel mixing bowl over a med. size pot)
5. wooden spoon (or 3) for licking/testing ganache

HEY WAIT A MINUTE! whilst searching for a photo of nutella and/or ganache on google, i happened upon no fewer than 6,000 recipes for nutella ganache! i swear i didn't copy any of these! i improvised my concoction a few years ago when i was sick of using betty crocker frosting from a can for my kids' birthday cakes.

once again, nothing new under the sun. :(

at any rate, here's what i do:
slowly heat heavy cream in double boiler, add chocolate chips, stirring frequently. add globs of nutella at your whim. don't lick all of it from the bowl.

what can you do with nutella ganache?

eat it straight from the jar without getting caught by husband or children

top your favorite chocolate, vanilla, coconut, or coffee flavored ice cream

spread it over your favorite artisanal bread

smear it on your regular toasted bagel

nutella brownies
glob however much nutella you want to while mixing your box-mix of brownies
i also like to add a few tablespoons of strongly-brewed coffee

Friday, May 21, 2010

welcome to uglyville

sweet creativity

welcome to uglyville

founded 2010

chloe g. solms, mayoress

maybe you are familiar with ugly dolls. our girl munchkin loves uglies. L.O.V.E. is an understatement. every fabric she sees, every scrap she can swipe, she whips it into an ugly!