Wednesday, March 24, 2010


ometimes i wish i had the drive to run a marathon
sometimes it would be nice to run a complete mile without my shins screaming in agony

sometimes i wish i could meet emily dickinson
i would put on a white dress, go barefoot, and put my hair in a bun
i would bring along a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and share them with her

sometimes i dream of having a smoke with c.s. lewis
though eavesdropping on him would suffice

sometimes i wish we lived out in the middle of nowhere
sometimes it would be nice to live in the middle of the windy city
sometimes i am happy to live in our little yellow house on east 3rd

sometimes i wish i had more friends
or that i treated my few friends better

sometimes i dream about cooking a gourmet meal (cruelty free, whine free, and healthy)
sometimes it would be nice if i cleaned up after the meals i do cook

sometimes i wish my grandma and grandpa were still here
mostly i am glad they are no longer suffering

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what are you eating? from where did it come?

did you know that fish (tilapia and salmon) eat corn? i just learned that this morning. yuck. the farmers have found a way to encourage salmon to grow teeth so they can eat sweet corn.
NO? you don't believe me? well. ok. the fish do eat corn. really. just without teeth. and probably without butter and salt.

good thing i have a carton of Stonyfield Farm organic yogurt in my fridge, or i might be going hungry for lunch.

a pretty cool life.: Festive Valentine bunting and a crash course on bias tape

a pretty cool life.: Festive Valentine bunting and a crash course on bias tape


Thursday, March 18, 2010

where are the photos?

I lurk on some people's blogs just for the eye-candy. Glorious photography skills can suck me in for hours.

I pine for delicious photos. I long for a fabulous camera. I also want a lot of other junk. Perhaps I should have given up "wanting" things for Lent. forever.

polka-dot pj pants
pink rubber rain boots
floaty-flirty skirts in 6 shades of cocoa
moleskine books for every topic and whim
bistro chalk markers
perfect blonde hair
a never-diminishing giftcard
and maybe also a card for jcrew, gap, anthropologie, and crate&barrel

I digress.

oooh, and a spring trenchcoat, hip-length. khaki. size M.

ok, there.

a camera. i don't know which one i want/need, except that it must be fast. you know, so i don't keep missing action shots of my kids flinging pillows and such around the house.

a camera that doesn't take 67 minutes to focus.
and while we are wishing, maybe a printer with plenty of ink and paper would be a good idea.

so, until the perfect camera finds its way to my grubby mitts, i'll be pirating photos from google or uploading shots from my phone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

from start to finish

March 6, 2010 marks the date my grandfather left this earth. March 6, 1928 marks the date he entered. Full circle. Beginning and end. Something about dying on your birthday seems like completion.

My grandfather Oscar was not perfect. He was not glamourous. Oscar was a good man. He built his house with his bare hands and paid cash for it as he went along. He and grandma Lorene cooked on a hot plate for themselves and 3 children while they built one house and lived in another.

After my grandparents should have been finished raising children, I came into their lives and they welcomed me as their own.

For a few days I will be posting remembrances of my grandparents and what they mean to me... and the lessons I learned from their example.

he ate tooth pieces of pizza

here's a great lesson in counting...
i LOVE learning new words, phrases, and perspectives from Kdg. people!

we had a pizza party after school today. one of my Kdg. munchkins ate a slice of pizza. after he began munching away on the next slice he yelled, "mrs. solms! i'm eating my tooth (twoth) piece of pizza!"

sometimes you just want to scoop up a small person and put them in your Lands' End Jumbo Ginormous Tote Bag.