Thursday, February 5, 2009

creative snacking

In this bitterly cold season, I have been driven to create and bake warm, comforting treats. Here is a simple re-creation of cinnamon rolls from a can. Yes, sometimes it's ok to bake from a pre-made treat.

I used these lovely 'take out' containers from crate & barrel as my inspiration. Inspiration from a dish, isn't that common?

You will need:
2 baking dishes, mugs, etc.
1 can cinnamon roll dough ( i used pillsbury's cinnabon flavor)
bake somewhat according to package directions...except
layer half of dough in each of dishes
preheat oven to 350
place a pan of water on lowest rack in oven to create steam
bake your yummy goodies to perfection
great with a glass of milk
you will need a fork/spoon
and a nap

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