Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i learned something in p.e. yesterday

i am taking my final class before april 25 graduation!
it is a physical education/health, wellness course for elementary teachers. the accepted practice for p.e. these days seems to be an effort to disguise fitness,exercise, etc. by making it fun and interesting to students-i.e., no boring push-ups, sit-ups, but buddy high-five pushups, and other things of that nature.
have you ever tried to toss a bean bag (mini) and catch it behind your back? tricky. it requires thought, concentration, and at the same time increases muscle flexibility.
so, here's what i learned: you can create your own tools for the rhythmic activity of Tinikling, which originated in the Philippine Islands. I had seen my son's music teacher using this in (music) class, using traditional poles/sticks. Well! now you can make your own set, that are stretchy and non breakable. Additionally, all students are active participants in this version.
here's how it works:
you will need 24 feet of 1 in. wide elastic
needle/thread or sewing maching
cut elastic in half
fold up 12 inches on each end of elastic strip, stitch
repeat for other piece of elastic
you need at least 3 participants for this, 4 is great, and after that you just need more sets of elastic strips
2 children face each other about 6 feet apart
each child puts an elastic loop around ankle( 1 from each of the strips)
practice the rhythmic hop (2 hops feet togther, 2 hops feet apart)
1 or 2 children may be the dancers hopping in and out of the elastic bands

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