Tuesday, April 14, 2009

crock-pot applesauce

Earlier this fall, during my student teaching experience, we ventured to Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie, Indiana for a field trip. One of the highlights of the day was getting hands-on experience using a manual cider press/mill. The students each got a turn pressing their own apple, then we all sampled a sip of fresh cider. Delicious.
To capitalize on their learning, and to make connections to prior knowledge, we made crock pot applesauce a few days later (in the classroom). Students watched while I wedged apples and dropped them in the pot. We shared discussion throughout the day as the fragrance of cooking apples wafted through our classroom. Later we constructed an order of events recipe poster to reinforce the concept of first, next, etc. Finally, everyone had the opportunity to taste the applesauce. All but two students loved it! A few of the students came back for a second helping.
The field trip gave us the perfect springboard for multiple learning activities such as journaling, cooking, and descriptive writing using the 5 senses

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