Wednesday, April 15, 2009

comments and critique are welcome

good evening readers. i now officially have 2 followers, though one is my husband, and i think his is a pity follow... :(

anywho, i have just returned home from a resume writing session at our university's center for life-calling and leadership.

here's where i need feedback; does the resume REALLY need to be kept at 1 (one) page?

how much should i elaborate on volunteer work?

what about my community work? I served on our local public library's board of directors until i returned to college 2 years ago.

I've also been volunteering at our elem. school with the high ability classes...

anyway, these are all things i've thought of since returning home, and now am unsure about the resume altogether


Shane said...

I've interviewed a few people, not a lot, but between that and my experience on the other end of the interview, I'd give these tips:
1. One page is good for an entry level position if you have little to no experience. You can go longer if you have more experience, even if it's volunteer. Just make sure it is in some way relevant experience.
2. Find the web site of your employer and/or search for up to date news about them. Mention something current and topical in your cover letter. "Doing your homework" will go farther than you may think.
3. If you know anything about the person who will be reviewing your resume and cover letter, try to slip in a mention of some shared interest if possible. <-- I've actually been offered better jobs I didn't apply for this way.
4. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Have someone else Proofread. Proofread again. I don't give "semi-literate" resumes a second glance. Ms. Myers is showing through here.

This is probably all stuff they told you in your workshop, but I hope it's some help.

Good Luck,

lil' kk said...

Yes!Keep it to one page and highlight what makes you unique...and that means including your service on the library board. There will time for a curriculum vitae later :-) The application essay questions are in my opinion more important that highlighting every experience on a resume. You can integrate your various other experiences within your essay questions.

cbh said...

i follow you!!! :) and its not a pitty follow either!

cbh said...

oh... and by the way, regarding congruency between school and home: watch the video called "Workshop 8 Connecting School and Home" at this address: (You have to type the address into your browser because I didn't link it.)
Very insightful!