Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Beautiful Park Remembered

A Lovely Walk

Many weeks ago I had the opportunity to support a friend in a walk for Autism awareness. I arrived at the location early (very early, I feared getting lost en route). While I waited for the remainder of our group to arrive, I went exploring. Armed only with my cell phone camera, I traipsed around looking for beauty in nature. This is at Minnetrista cultural center in Muncie, IN. I am not sure if this is a central focus or feature of the property, and I really can't tell you what it is supposed to be, other than fabulously lovely. I considered scaling the fence, abandoning the walk, and meandering around the property.

Beauty is all around us. Remember to open your eyes, ears, and heart. Thank God for the ability to appreciate his creation.


Lissa said...

that truly is beautiful and a little mysterious.

Shirley Chicken Legs said...

Grape Vine Arbor? Mysteries are the best kind of discoveries.