Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rabbit trails, thankfulness

coffee and custard

as i was browsing through my pics on the cell phone, i happened upon some shots of a great semi-local custard/coffee joint. the name is Payne's Custard. but baby, it is SO MUCH MORE!
they have fresh roasted beans, made from scratch custard. great soups served with crusty bread, or in a bread bowl. once i had soup there, and ordered crusty bread on the side; they waitress apologized for serving me such a large hunk of bread. there is no such thing as too much crusty bread with a soup, am i right?

my friend jaime and i met up there for our mini christmas gift exchange. in february. late february. we may be a bit over committed, preoccupied, or just plain bad friends to each other.

before i got around to posting about our wonderful excursion, life got in the way.
kids, work, homework, church, well just stuff.

i have been thinking about the importance of embracing the wonderful, positive, meaningful moments that God has given me. meals shared with friends, unexpected kid-free hours on a saturday morning (time alone with the husband). lately i have allowed the sad parts of my life to cloud my thoughts. too much boohoo time makes layla a cranky lady!

other photos/reminders i found in my pics on the phone...
great sweet treats consumed in lousville with my husband
happy kids
kids with friends
meals with friends

how can we appreciate the fun, shining moments without the willingness to accept, even embrace the bad times? just a little lesson in the art of comparison.

i challenge you to make a list of at least 5 things for which you are thankful
you may find your list grows beyond 10 or 20. i would love to hear from you, and see your lists!

here is my mini-list

husband he is my best friend
children they challenge me every day to be a better mom, and i love watching them grow
car (old honda) to drive
four walls and a roof over our heads
growing friendships
struggling friendships-- to remind me that i'm not perfect, and i need to keep learning/growing
(maybe the struggling friendships are the real "growing" ones)

leave a comment to tell me what you are thankful for and why. it can be an encouragement to us all :)


Raul and Catie said...

I loved this post :) With all the negativity I went through yesterday, I needed a reminder to be thankful!
I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who has such a great listening ear.

Heather at All A Flutter said...

great list! full of wonderful things to be thankful for. happy thursday!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I always love these gratitude lists! I recently heard the idea of starting gratitude journals for the littles. Wouldn't that be interesting??

Hmmm...what am I thankful for today? I'm mostly thankful for my husband, who loves me in spite of myself.