Thursday, April 8, 2010

happy belated april fools' day

i still want my elephant!

i'm not really trying to extend the 1st of april, just do a bit of a rewind and remember. i am amused by younger kids who don't get the joke of april 1st, and love to see their reactions when you explain to them, that they really DO need to come to school on the 2nd. hey, i didn't write that joke, our school news team did that.


all during the day on april 1st i heard funny little stories of kids and their jokes to each other. some students even fooled teachers saying "miss ______ your shoe is untied" well, miss _______ was wearing slip-on shoes; but i digress

my april fool story centers on me at age 5, and my grandpa oscar. when i was little i lived with grandpa oscar and grandma lorene. (you almost never hear those names anymore--well, oscar for the award, but anyway...)
grandma lorene went to work early everyday so grandpa oscar got me ready for school and gave me breakfast. he would wake me up when he was dressed and ready (we only had 1 bathroom). grandpa woke me with a startled voice calling from across the house, "layla, there is an elephant running around in the front yard! go look!" i hopped out of my bed quick as a lark, and scurried down the hallway to the den. "where grandpa? where is the elephant?"
grandpa: oh, darn he must have gone around to the backyard, go to the kitchen window
me: ok i'm running. grandpa! i can't see him! where did the elephant go?

i really don't quite remember how the rest of this charade went down, but it wasn't pretty. i was honked that we did not have an elephant in the yard, and i am sure i probably cried. my grandpa had the patience of a saint. he explained the idea of april fools' day and that people like to tease each other for fun. this is the same man who took the time and energy to explain the sunday comics to me. how do you explain comic strips? explaining jokes really must have taken the humor out of "beetle bailey" and "wizard of id" (are those still in print?), but my grandpa wanted me to enjoy comics so he made the effort.

the elephant in the yard was a pretty darn good joke, and makes a great story even 30 years later.

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Cathy M~ said...

that is a great story!! (the pic is perfect!) thankx for stopping by my blog & for your fav read, elegance of a hedgehog! I will get it for my beach bag!