Thursday, January 14, 2010


This post is begging to be written and pleading to be ignored.

I have been pondering this post for more than a week, and I guess that now is as good a time as any to pour it out. All over blogland. Eww.

Can a person's faith be measured by the way the act/react during trials and hard times? Is the proportion of my trust in God directly related to how freaked out and worked up I get about stuff? Am I exposing my lack of faith by lamenting and whining? What should be saying/doing instead of fussing and worrying?

ok. need to think about this some more. will finish later.

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beachy keen girl said...

i think that we all have a way we respond to things that are big/trials. obviously the best of us has the worst of day and the worst of days has the best of us. in some ways i think we respond in a freaking out manner just b/c it's human nature - i think the key is to find your faith in those moments and hold that close to your heart. realize that maybe, yes, you freaked out and now it's time to grab hold of Jesus and the truths that he has promised (b/c He never breaks his promises - NEVER) and then re-respond the way you wanted to :) by trusting. i do know that when i am in communication with the lord and spending time with him i tend to have less dramatic reactions to big things. so maybe that's somewhat of an answer? or maybe you are just pondering and didn't really want an answer. anyways, i hope you have a good day and i hope your pondering leads you to a place of understanding :)