Thursday, August 13, 2009

no thanks, i've been here before

today i was helping kindergarten students make their way through the lunch line.  they needed a napkin, fork, and straw in addition to their milk... all before they receive their tray.  to help move along the line i began rolling straw/napkin/fork in bundles, then handed one to each student.  some children wanted to help me roll their bundle, and others stood to watch.  i was feeling pleased with myself and my sudden stroke of brilliance, but was caught by surprise when one young man stopped in front of me and the fork bundles and stated:  "no thanks, i've been here before"  
today was day 3 of school

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MadMad said...

HA! That's awesome! (As much as I whine about it... I do love working in the schools and watching the kids. They are so darned funny!) No thanks, I've been here before. HA!