Monday, August 3, 2009

an apron party

saturday our family spent a few hours in Indy to celebrate danny's birthday as well as my new job.  one of our final stops was a foray into anthropologie.  well, that was a stop for chloe and me.  danny and jacob stopped at a bench outside the store.  
many of the blogs i read include references to anthropologie, and i have visited the website numerous times.  saturday it was time to see for myself what all the hub-bub was about.
i must say that i was not disappointed.  and chloe, well she went nuts!  the owl dishtowels!  the alphabet mugs! the scarves...more and more and more scarves!
and then, as we made the final turn before exiting the store...the APRONS!  (you can see just a few of them in the post just below this)  Chloe was so enamored with the aprons.  Cherries, owls, cupcakes, smocking, bows, florals, stripes!  it was a visual feast.
chloe made an urgent request for an APRON B-DAY PARTY.  what is an apron party?  do we all sew an apron? (maybe)  do we all come to the party wearing an apron?  an apron shaped cake?  or just a cake made while wearing an apron...
i am going to give this some more thought.
any comments or suggestions are welcome.  please.  

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Jeanette said...

oh DO post pics when you get it all ironed out! I've thought about hosting an Apron Tea, and trying to put it all together. I've forewarned the attendees...telling them to wear an apron with a story, and if they don't have one with a story...make one up! LOL
(Some see me!)