Sunday, August 15, 2010

just a few things

Today we traveled to Auburn for our nephew's 2nd birthday celebration. If you ask him to tell you his name, he says "two". This kid is a hoot. He can pitch a baseball better than most 6 year olds. He won't be needing the tee in tee-ball. Probably his mom and dad should get him on a team. tomorrow.

Our other nephew will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks. He loves Buzz and Woody. His mom and I had an interesting dialogue about how we would never have matched up the 22 inch stuffed Woody doll to play with the hard plastic Buzz sized 6 inches smaller. They just don't go. But, they do.

We have kids who are much older than the sweet little nephews. 12 going on 45 and 9 almost 21. You know how that works, right? That's not to say that our munchkins aren't sweet. They are. We just have to be more intentional about noticing the sweetness. And praise it, and pray for more.

Lest you be misled into thinking we are young, I should disclose the fact that we have 2 adult nephews and they each have a wife and 2 kids. These things happen when your husband's mother has 5 kids all spread out and the oldest gets married and has offspring while the baby (my husband) is still in elementary school. This is normal, I am sure of it. And the nephews (nearly aged 30) relish every opportunity to say "Brant, tell Great-Aunt Layla thank you for the (whatever)" Nice.

My brain is all tangled in knots tonight, so let me just make a little list of where we've been and what we've done.

Friday and Saturday : our yearly journey to the Windy City
hotness freaking hotness! our dear old Honda wagon has given up on even trying to keep us cool, so we made the entire trip with the windows down.
good trip
great memories
2 hour tour on double-decker boat down the chicago river and out into lake michigan
rain on the boat
drunken stupidity on the boat (not us, we don't need beer for that)
lovely skyline
trek back into the city when we could have been driving home
wonderful husband hunts down a cupcake bakery for me YUM
Wow-E-Wow! $4 cupcake
stop at super-target
discovered a new neighborhood to investigate: Lincoln Park
trying to convince husband we should do a 1 month house swap with some nice unsuspecting family in Lincoln Park
Smoque BBQ. maximum occupancy 45. they were cutting it close. might have something to do with all the busboys lurking in wait to sanitize the tables.

more on the chicago trip later.
now for a confession
i've been reading trash
well, in my opinion, trash
see, i am a book snob
i hate nicholas sparks books. read one a long time ago. ick. was dragged on a girls night out to see "the notebook" (the Village was playing in the next theatre over, I should have just sneaked in there).
will not read danielle steele or harlequin romance novels. disgusting!
so what am i doing reading Pretty Little Liars? I don't know. except to say that they just suck you in and leave you wanting to read more about secrets, excruciatingly expensive accessories, and psycho blondes. I blame the ABC family network. (what kind of family are they promoting?) They made the book series into shows. I have nothing to say for myself other than it started with a momentary lapse of reason and has blossomed into a disgusting obsession.
someone better throw me a latte and a jane austen novel before i lose my sense of propriety!

next time...
c.s. lewis collection at wheaton college museum
how chloe has selected nearly all of her birthday gifts
why jacob has a $50 backpack


Raul and Catie said...

I love your blog. it makes me smile :)
that's all!

The Finicky Frog said...

WHAT!!! I loved the Notebook!! The Village is 'bout as scary a movie as I can get. Makes my heart race just thinkin' about that thing in the woods! AND then the thing in the woods with the girl! And then the guy in the woods with the girl and the thing! And then the big LIE about the thing!! We've looked for the DVD at the library the last couple weeks. Clearly it's popular in these parts.
BUT you didn't like the NOTEBOOK?? Ok...I'm still kinda stuck on that.

Later Gater

Fickle Cattle said...

Regarding having two adult nephews, it happens to me all the time. Actually, I have a nephew older than me. Which is weird.

Prutha said...

sounds like sooo much fun..i baaby sat my 3 yr old niece this weekend and i totally know how fun they can be... love her!!

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